Day 5 - Eynsford to Wye - 0 miles

    The fifth day began with bad news. The forecast for the day, which would be a walk through isolated, open country, was strong thunderstorms both morning and afternoon. Not wanting to be imprudent, but also feeling disappointed, I took a train to the town of Wye. My decision was a good one, for it was indeed a day of lightning and rain that only cleared up later in the afternoon.

    The afternoon brought more bad news: Queen Elizabeth was ill and her family was arriving in Scotland to see her. I stopped at the local church in Wye to pray for her.

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    After praying for the Queen at the church, I walked to a pub on the River Stour. Some young boys were playing near the river and arguing over who would rule the country now that the Queen has died. "The Queen is dead?" I asked. "Yes," they said, "she died just a few minutes ago."

    Another view of the Stour, willows, and bridge. It's interesting how the places where you hear of major news events are forever etched in your mind. This scene and those boys telling me about the Queen will probably be one of my strongest memories of the trip.

My inn's pub/restaurant was decorated with dried hops.

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