Day 4 - Vigo Village to Thurnham - 16.5 miles

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    As mentioned in the introduction, markers were few and far between, but they had interesting designs. Much of the area of Kent (including Dover's famous cliffs) is made up of chalk, the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures.

One of the rare "Pilgrims Way" markers


    This picture is lacking in interest, but important in context. Here I am crossing the River Medway, which has great historical significance. Besides the location of battles and boat-building/naval history, it serves to distinguish how someone from Kent refers to himself. Those of the diocese west of the river are known as "Kentish Men" (or Maids). To the east, they are "Men (Maids) of Kent".

Hay bales

Walking through a vineyard

Another stile! You step on the through board, swing your leg over, and cross.

Typical one-lane road on the path. There is room enough for one car and one person if they push into the shrubs a bit. Traffic goes both ways, so you have to be alert.

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